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Announcement from Kasagana-ka Synergizing Organizations

March 26, 2020


First and foremost, the Kasagana- ka Synergizing Organizations (K-Coop, KMBA, KDCI, and KEEPF) wishes you and your family are all safe and in good well-being.

The Board and management of each KSO would like to request for your openness and understanding especially in these challenging times that we are currently facing. We are aware of the difficulties you are going through right now. But in as much as we would like to be of help, we are constrained given the government pronouncements and we are also looking out for the safety of both our employees and the community at large. We would want to be of aid to you but most of our money are loaned to the members. The only help that we can provide for now is a moratorium on all loan payments until this crisis brought about by COVID19 is over.

K-Coop in one with the cooperative and the microfinance sector is working hand-in-hand in seeking assistance from the government. May they see us as a reliable partner in the delivery of services to the urban and peri-urban poor communities. We are awaiting their response to the sector’s proposal.

On the part of KMBA, they have extended the grace period for BLIP to 76 days and an extension of 1 month on loan terms covered by CLIP. Thus, even if we are unable to collect premium contributions the members and their dependent/s can still claim in case of death/TPD/MVaH. Kindly refer to details as issued by KMBA.

KDCI on the other hand is working on their social programs. They are using the time-being to review and improve their processes for the better until such time that we will all be able again to serve you in the communities.

We will continuously be in touch with you our dear members. We may not be able to communicate with you personally but it is important for us to know your condition especially in these challenging times.

May we all stay safe and be firm in the belief that together we will overcome this crisis.



The Board of Directors and Trustees and management of


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