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KMBA attends National Microinsurance Forum 2018

January 30, 2018

Photo above (top) shows Ms. Reyes-Antiquera with members of the RIMANSI Mi-MBA Board of Directors and (below) KMBA Board members and staff.

Members of KMBA Board of Directors, headed by Chairperson Isabel M. Iliw-Iliw, attended the annual National Microinsurance Forum organized by RIMANSI Mi-MBA Association of the Philippines. Held on 25 January 2018, the event was a regular learning opportunity with regard to developments in micro-insurance regulations, outreach, products, and distribution channels. This year’s theme was “Deepening of outreach and reaching frontiers.” Also present during the event was KMBA General Manager Silvida Reyes-Antiquera as well as some members of the management staff.

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