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Notice of 5th Regular Board Meeting

August 05, 2016


Dear Board Members,

KMBA will have its 5th Regular Board Meeting on August 26, 2016 at KDCI meeting room to discuss the following agenda. 


I.        Call to Order

II.      Prayer

III.     Determination of Quorum

IV.     Approval of the propose Agenda

V.      Approval of previous minutes of the meeting (July 29, 2016)

VI.     Financial Report & Investment: Financial Statement for July 2016

VII.   Operations Update

a.     JVOFI Operations Training

b.    Meeting with Innovative Ventures & Finance Corporation

VIII.  For Discussions and Approval

a.     AOA-ICMIF membership application

b.    AOA Seminar in Tokyo, Japan

c.     Opening of account to BPI

d.    Project proposal to RIMANSI

e.     Guidelines to award Emeritus Status

f.     Additional Independent Board

IX.     Upcoming schedules

a.     AMLA Training on October 20-21, 2016

b.    Seminar on Parliamentary Procedure

X.      FYI

a.     Performance Evaluation of GM Silvida R. Antiquera

XI.     Adjournment



Jerlene B. Perez


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