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KMBA History

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KMBA traces its creation to KDCI (Read more. . . .), for which it provides various products and services for the latter’s microinsurance program. KMBA’s initial fund was sourced from a grant from KDCI, which has likewise been contributing its community resence and center collection infrastructures to KMBA’s field operations. The KDCI grant has enabled KMBA to also offer to children of its primary and associate members the Kuya Jun Scholarship Program (named after Severiano C. Marcelo, Jr., first KDCI executive director, who passed away in 2008).

KMBA was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in June 2006, and was given a license to operate as a mutual benefit association by the Insurance Commission in April 2007. It is a nonstock, not-for-profit organization owned and managed by its members. It receives technical assistance from the RIMANSI Organization for Asia and the Pacific, Inc., “a resource center that develops and offers risk management solutions to member-owned micro-insurers, especially Mutual Benefit Associations” (www.rimansi.org).