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KMBA holds annual general meeting

June 08, 2019

A key activity markingKMBA’swhole-day 13th anniversary celebration was the Annual General Meeting,which was attended by Area Coordinators, and members of the Board of Trusteesand Board of Advisers. The meeting included the election (a process which began in February 2019 in the communities served by KMBA) of new members of the Board of Trustees replacing those whose term would end in 2019. They were sworn in to their respective positions during the anniversary program.

Elected to the Board were Enriqueta B.Navarro, Alma D. Gilbaliga, Ma. Lilibeth C. Molina, Teresita D. Padel (three-year term), and Rita Dela Cruz and Jenifer Abao (two-year term). They joined Philip Arnold Tuaño and Ma. CleofeGettie S. Sandoval, independent members; and Brenda F. Lumbao, representative of KEEPF (KASAGANA-KA Employer-Employees’ Provident Fund Association, Inc.), who also serves as Board secretary. The members of the Board elected from among themselves KMBA’s officers for 2019-2020: Enriqueta B. Navarro, president; Alma D. Gilbaliga, vice president; and Ma. Lilibeth C. Molina, treasurer.

Prior to the General Meeting, the outgoing Board held its final meeting to discuss, among others, the election of members of the Board of Trustees.The results were presented duringthe Annual General Meeting, along with the reports of the president, treasurer, and a representative of KMBA’s external audit team. The meeting also included a program celebrating KMBA’s 13th anniversary (see related story,”KMBA celebrates 13th anniversary”).

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