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KMBA General Manager elected MiMAP president

March 29, 2019

KMBA General Manager Silvida Reyes-Antiquera was elected Year 2019-20 President of the Board of Trustees of the RIMANSI Mi-MBA Association of the Philippines (MiMAP) during its Annual General Meeting held on 22 March 2019 in Tanay Rizal. Also elected to the Board were May Dawat (CARD, Inc.), vice president; Adelia Oling (PALFSI), secretary; and Emeteria Quijano (ASKI MBA), treasurer. The other members of the Board are Violeta Aquino, Roberto Dalit, Pelagia Mendones, Elena Velasco, Camilo Casals, Wilfredo Llanto, and Epifanio Maniebo; and Jaime Aristotle Alip of CARD, MiMAP’s Board Chairman Emeritus.

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