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KMBA celebrates KDCI’s 17th anniversary

October 05, 2019

Members of KMBA Board of Trustees and Management Team joined the officers, staff, and partners of KASAGANA-KA Development Center, Inc. (KDCI) in celebrating the latter’s 17th anniversary on 4 October. KDCI is the organization from which KMBA was established to specifically serve the financial risk management needs of KDCI client-beneficiaries. These client-beneficiaries have since been organized into the KASAGANA-KA Credit and Savings Cooperative (K-Coop). KDCI, K-Coop, KMBA, and KEEPF (KASAGANA-KA Employer-Employees’ Provident Fund Association, Inc.) currently comprise the KASAGANA-KA Synergizing Organizations (KSO).

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