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Other Services

KMBA provides two additional services: calamity assistance and the Kuya Jun Scholarship Program. Both are available to primary and associate members. 

Through calamity assistance, a maximum of PHP3,000 may be given to members of KMBA with totally-damaged residential house following a natural or man-made disaster or catastrophe, including typhoon, flooding, earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, fire, lightning, and acts of terrorism.

Started in 2007 for students who were in high school, the KMBA scholarship program was subsequently named Kuya Jun Scholarship Program, after KDCI’s first executive director, Severiano C. Marcelo, Jr., who passed away in 2008. The program has since included college students, and is available to children of KMBA primary and associate members. Applicants to the scholarships are required to pass written examinations; those who pass the qualifying marks go through background investigation. To keep their scholarship, high school students should obtain a grade average of 82 while college scholars, a grade average of 2.5 or its equivalent, with no failing marks and two grades of “incomplete.” Scholars who are in high school receive PHP3,000 as financial assistance each school year. Those in college get PHP5,000 each semester.

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