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Products and Services

KMBA currently offers two main products: Basic Life Insurance Plan or BLIP Credit Life Insurance Plan or CLIP In partnership with Bankers Assurance Corporation, KMBA also offers personal accident insurance with fire assistance or K-Kalinga. As further service to its members, KMBA provides a postemergency residential housing assistance under SICAT (Social Initiative Against Catastrophe), a nonstock, nonprofit organization and a scholarship support to members’ children under the Kuya Jun Scholarship Program.


Basic Life Insurance Plan is provided to all client-beneficiaries and staff members of Kasagana-Ka Development Center, Inc. as well as to client-beneficiaries of KMBA partner microfinance institutions and other organized community or basic sector groups. Qualified for membership are those between the ages 18 and 60 years. Membership applicants are required to present their birth certificate (if they are single) or marriage contract (if married) as well as birth certificates of unmarried legitimate children below 21 years old and, if not married and without dependent children, marriage contract of dependent parents (above 60 years old). Members contribute PHP20 weekly: PHP15 for insurance premium and PHP5 for the retirement savings fund. KMBA processes benefit claims using a 1-3-5-day target.



The Credit Life Insurance Plan offers to a KMBA partner organization an insurance coverage in which the latter could insure its individual borrowers or debtors for an amount equal to the loan granted, in each particular case up to a maximum of PHP 200,000.



Offered in partnership with the Bankers Assurance Corporation, K-Kalinga is a ersonal accident insurance with fire assistance designed specifically also for non-KMBA members. (“Kalinga” is a Pilipino term that can mean embraced, nurturance, or protection.) This product is thus available to KMBA primary and associate members as well as to their relatives and fellow community members who may be in need of insurance coverage


Other Services

KMBA provides two additional services: SICAT (Social Initiative Against Catastrophe) and the Kuya Jun Scholarship Program. Both are available to primary and associate members. 

Through SICAT – a nonstock, nonprofit organization of mutual benefit associations within the network of the RIMANSI Organization for Asia and the Pacific, Inc. – KMBA members can gain access to the post-emergency residential housing assistance (BAHAYnihan) Program. A maximum of PHP2,000 may be given to members of KMBA with totally-damaged residential house following a natural or man-made disaster or catastrophe, including typhoon, flooding, earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, fire, lightning, and acts of terrorism.

Started in 2007 for students who were in high school, the KMBA scholarship program was subsequently named Kuya Jun Scholarship Program, after KDCI’s first executive director, Severiano C. Marcelo, Jr., who passed away in 2008. The program has since included college students, and is available to children of KMBA primary and associate members. Applicants to the scholarships are required to pass written examinations; those who pass the qualifying marks go through background investigation. To keep their scholarship, high school students should obtain a grade average of 82 while college scholars, a grade average of 2.5 or its equivalent, with no failing marks and two grades of “incomplete.” Scholars who are in high school receive PHP3,000 for tuition fees each school year. Those in college get PHP5,000 each semester.



Following its pilot implementation in November 2018, the Hospital Income Insurance Plan (HIIP) was rolled out in all branches in January 2019.  By year-end, members who enrolled under HIIP totaled 14,782, resulting in Php3,695,601 premium collections. 


Only 31 covered members submitted claims, which required KMBA to distribute Php49,600 in insurance benefits.

Moving forward, the Association will implement the mandatory HIIP enrolment of all members with in-force policy.  For its part, KMBA will make sure that claims are settled under the eight-hour claims settlement policy, reckoned from submission of all documents.