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2017 Notice of 2nd Regular Board Meeting

Icon sandclock 5548983ad990ca0175229a1f8fc30f60537d8a8f9ae537a78e7de5701009a376March 20, 2017

Notice of meeting 042817

Dear Board Members,

KMBA is inviting you to attend its 2nd Regular Board Meeting for this year, April 28, 2017, 8:30 am at DEHHA Clubhouse, Don Enrique Heights, Holy Spirit Quezon City to discuss the following agenda.


I.                    Call to Order

II.             Prayer

III.           Determination of Quorum

IV.           Approval of the propose agenda

V.             Reading and approval of previous minutes

VI.         Financial Report & Investment: Financial Statement-December 2016

VII.      Year-end Report (January to December 2016)

VIII.   Matters for discussions and approval

a.     2017 budget

b.    Calamity Assistance

c.     Collection fee

d.    IC audit findings

  IX.      Updates

a.       MIS Development

b.       MIS Staff

c.        Reclassification of equity value

d.       Cebu visit

e.        Property

f.        ICMIF

  X.      Adjournment


        Jerlene B. Perez